You will need: AEROPRESS brewer, AEROPRESS paper filters, kettle, mug or a serving vessel, weighing scales, coffee grinder with adjustable grind level (preferably burr grinder) & timer.


Place the AEROPRESS filter paper inside the black filter cap and thorough-fully rinse it with hot water to remove any paper flavour. Place the plunger inside the brewing tube and invert it. Fill the AEROPRESS brewer with hot water to preheat it.


Fill the kettle with 200ml of water, bring it to boil and let the water cool down for 1 minute to about 94-95°C. Dispose of the rinse water from the AEROPRESS brewer and add 14g of medium freshly ground coffee.


Pour viciously 200ml of water all at once to saturate the grinds. Following the pour, use the spoon to break the crust and stir for 10 seconds to fully saturate all of the grinds. Lock-in the filter cap on the top.


After about 1 minute from the time the water hit the coffee, flip the brewer, place it on top of the serving vessel and immediately plunge it.


When plunging, press down gently and with an even pace until the plunger pushes the grinds to the bottom. The plunge should take about 20 seconds, with a total brewing time of 1.5 minutes.


Coffee is ready!