You will need: CHEMEX Coffeemaker, CHEMEX pre-folded paper filters, kettle, weighing scales, coffee grinder with adjustable grind level (preferably burr grinder) & timer.


Place the CHEMEX filter paper so that the 3-layered side is facing the spout and thorough-fully rinse it with hot water to remove any paper flavour.


Fill the kettle with 380ml of water, bring it to boil and let the water cool down for 4-5 minutes to about 93-94°C. Dispose of the rinse water from the CHEMEX and add 24g of medium-coarse freshly ground coffee.


Add evenly 50ml of water over the fresh coffee to saturate all of the grinds and initiate the coffee bloom. After about 25 seconds, start slowly pouring the rest of the water in a continuous counter-clock motion. Concentrate your pour in the center of the CHEMEX cone. Do not fill up to the rim of the CHEMEX, but If the pour gets too close to the rim, simply slow down your pour rate. Do not break your pouring at any time.


Once the dripping stalls, get rid of the filter and stir the CHEMEX vessel. If the grind level and pouring speed were right, total brew time should have been approximately 3-3.5 minutes.

Enjoy your cup of coffee!