You will need: CLEVER brewer, Melitta paper filters, mug or a serving vessel, kettle, weighing scales, coffee grinder with adjustable grind level (preferably burr grinder) & timer.


Place Melitta paper filter inside the CLEVER cone and fill it with hot water. Draining the CLEVER cone will help with removing any paper flavour.


Fill the kettle with 300ml of water, bring it to boil and let the water cool down for 4-5 minutes to about 93-95°C. Add 20g of medium-coarse freshly ground coffee (similar to CHEMEX grind level).


Pour evenly 300ml of water all at once to saturate the grinds.


30 seconds later, break the crust with a spoon to initiate the coffee bloom and place the lid on top of the CLEVER cone.


After about 3.5 minutes, place the CLEVER cone on top of a mug or a glass serving vessel for coffee dripping to initiate. If the grinding level was set right, dripping should have stalled 1 minute later.


Remove the CLEVER cone, serve the coffee and take your time!