You will need: French press, kettle, weighing scales, coffee grinder with adjustable grind level (preferably burr grinder) & timer. With hot water rinse the plunger from any old coffee fines and pour some to pre-heat the French press. After 1 minute or so, remove the remaining water from the vessel.


Fill the kettle with 300ml of water, bring it to boil and let the water cool down for 3 minutes to about 95-96°C. Set your grinder to a coarse level and add 20g of freshly ground coffee to the French press.


Pour vigorously all 300ml of water over the fresh coffee to completely saturate the grinds!


After about 3.5 minutes, break the crust with the spoon and stir the grinds for another 10 seconds to bloom the coffee. This technique will yield a cleaner cup.


At 4 minutes, place the plunger filter on top and press down gently until the plunger pushes the grinds all the way to the bottom.


Serve the brew and enjoy!